Once you’ve got your bare-bones website set up, it’s time to flesh it out with some content. The content on your website serves two main purposes:

1. To attract people to your website
2. To convince people to purchase the products you’re promoting!

How does content attract people to your website?

There are two important ways in which having good articles, discussions, reviews and other content can help attract people to your website:

  1. Sharing and referrals: If you make something really good and interesting, people will share your content with their friends. They might post it on Facebook or share it on Twitter. People will click on it, and visit your site. Success!
  2. The search engines: Your content can also be found by people searching on Google or other search engines. If you have an article on dog aggression on your website, someone who searches for “dog aggression” in Google might nd your website. If your website is full of lots of articles on different topics, you have lots of chances to be found in the search engines.The science of making your content more visible in the search engines is called “Search engine optimization” or SEO. There are lots of things you can do to improve your “rankings” in the search engines, and it’s a really big topic with quite a lot to learn. The problem is… nobody really knows EXACTLY what the search engines are looking at. So a lot of it is guesswork too. Fun!

Regardless of whether you’re trying to get shares/referrals or search engine rankings, the one thing that will help you most of all is creating really good content. Your visitors aren’t going to share your stuff if it’s boring, ordinary, or doesn’t make sense, and the search engines can tell when people are enjoying your content and finding it useful. So make it good!

… And then how do you convince people to buy?

The trick here is to attract the right kinds of people. If you attract the kind of people who would be interested in buying the affiliate product you’re promoting, then all you really have to do is mention the product. The likelihood that someone will be

interested in buying something is what we call “buyer intent”. You want to attract people with HIGH “buyer intent”.

The easiest way to attract people with high “buyer intent” is to create content on your website that they’d be interested in.

For instance, if you’re promoting a book called “Dog Training 101”, then you could create some articles on your website about dog aggression, barking, digging, and other dog behavior problems. These articles will attract people who are having problems with their dog’s behavior, and these people are probably going to be interested in buying a dog training book to help them. (These people are HIGH buyer intent!)

Inside your articles, you could suggest that if the reader wants more help with solving their dog behavior problems, you highly recommend they buy a copy of “Dog Training 101” — and you link to the book with your affiliate link. If somebody buys it, you get a commission.

In addition to attracting people with problems, you can also try attracting people who are already interested in buying the product.

How? By creating product reviews. Often when someone is thinking of buying something, they’ll look for reviews. If your review is the one that seals the deal and convinces them to buy… you can make an easy sale!

There is a free Afiliorama lesson where you can learn about writing product reviews.

How do you create content if you can’t write?

Not all of us have enough writing ability (or time, or knowledge of the topic) to be able to write our own articles. But it might surprise you to know that most professional affiliates won’t write their own stuff either! They hire a writer to do it for them.

There are a few good places to hire writers. Check out the sites below, or see our article ‘‘But I’m not a writer!’ Easy ways to get content for your site” for other suggestions.

Posting your articles

Once you’ve created your website content, the final piece of the puzzle is to get them onto your website. Go to “Add new post” in WordPress, enter the title and content for your post, and you’re ready to go!

It’s a good idea to add some nice pictures to your articles as well. You can search Google for “free stock images” or “free stock photography” and a lot of sites will pop up for you to explore.

You can also go to sites like iStock to can buy images. Comparatively, sites like Creative Market supply fewer images, but they are in general very nice and artistic, as well as large and inexpensive. Sometimes you will be able to nd what you need at Free Images or Morgue le.

A word of warning: Don’t “steal” images from other websites without permission. This is unethical and can get you in trouble. Likewise, don’t use images from Google’s image search. These are also subject to copyright since Google is just displaying images it has found on other websites.

Other types of content

Articles and blog posts are the most common content types for affiliate marketing, but feel free to branch out and experiment with other media types if they appeal to you. You could look into more visual formats such as:

• Infographics

  • Comic Strips/Cartoons
  • Video Blogs (Vlogs)The main goal is to give your audience something of value to them. Do they want to be entertained? Do they want a solution to a problem? Is there something they could really use?

I hope that you get some insights on what content to put on your website. If you like it, share it, please!