Need More Subscribers and Huge Traffic? Produce Viral e-Books

Viral marketing, when done correctly, can produce very good results. These results can be in the form of site traffic, subscribers to your mailing list, or increased sales of your products and services.

One of the best ways to do viral marketing strategy is the production of viral e-books. This is not just an ordinary e-book. These are books that can be freely passed on by someone to another person with added benefits to both parties.

How does it work with viral e-books?

Aside from having an interesting topic and a wealth of information, the main purpose of the viral e-book is containing links to the site and products the author is promoting. These links can be modified from one person to another by changing the affiliate ID in the link. These links still lead to the website of the author but credit will also be given to the affiliate which is like a commission.

The author can allow rebranding rights of the e-book to its readers. That means the reader, who would also want to earn from the e-book by becoming an affiliate, can replace the links with his own affiliate code to earn commissions. With this incentive or reward, he will surely pass the book to more and more people. Thatís where viral explosion begins.

To be able to maximize the purpose of producing the viral e-book, have an explosion of traffic and have a huge number of subscribers, we must have the following factors in place.

– Wide distribution. There are several ways on how you can offer your e-book. You can offer it for free or for a minimal amount. If you allow rebranding, you can also charge for it and have options such as full customization or just part customization rights. Resale rights can also be offered for a certain fee.

However, if a certain amount is tagged to your e-book, its spread will be limited as not everyone is willing to spend money on these e-books. So to have the widest possible reach of your e-book, it is best to offer it for free and the rebranding rights, maybe the part customization, for free as well. Anyways, what we are after is for the e-book to reach a huge number of potential customers and get the most commission from the attached affiliate links.

– Quality affiliate links. To be able to maximize your e-book and give its full potential, it should have good and legitimate affiliate links. But how do you make the readers really click on those links?

If your e-book bombards the readers with lots of affiliate links instead of quality information, they will probably stop reading your book, deletes it and forgets about it. Likewise, if the links lead to affiliate products which are totally not related to the e-book’s theme, you will just lose a good number of potential customers.

The best way to include the affiliate links in your e-book is to make them appear as natural as the other statements in your book. Try to weave them into the content in such a way that it is not obvious to the eyes of your readers. For example, when you want to readers to learn more about a certain topic discussed in your e-book, you can then mention the link as a source of additional information.

– Maximum return for all parties involved. Since you want wide distribution of your e-book, you will offer it for free as well as the rebranding rights. But what will you benefit from it? Of course, just the fact that people will sign up as an affiliate for them to be able to rebrand the links with their own codes means that you will gain more and more subscribers to your list.

Having more and more people who would want to rebrand the links means that more chances of your e-book getting distributed to others because of the incentives these people would gain. And the more people who will get to receive your e-book, the more traffic you will get on your site.

It wouldnít really matter now if you are not earning from the rebranding rights. What is more important is the increased traffic and subscribers you will get which will eventually lead to more and more sales and success for your business.

How to Make Your Viral e-Book Known?

So you already have your e-book. You are amazed at the wonderful work you have done. But it is still just in your possession. You will not benefit from it unless you let others know that you have that e-book. You have to make the online world know about your e-book and start making it viral.

So how do you exactly make your e-book known to as many people as possible? How do you advertise or promote your e-book?

Promoting Your Viral e-Book

The main purpose of producing a viral e-book is to generate sales and increase your revenue within just a short period of time. For that to happen, your e-book should have maximum exposure as possible. But if you try to do it all on your own, that would definitely take all of your time and is not efficient.

The first thing you should do is clearly define your target market. Having a well-defined set of audiences will make your promoting time more effective and efficient.

The next thing that you should do is create a newsletter or an ezine that will reach your target market. Start to build a list of subscribers for a newsletter that might interest your potential customers. This newsletter can have articles, tips, news and other updates related to your e-book and your product.

This ezine should prominently feature your e-book. It will be useless to create an ezine if your site and products are not promoted in there. But promoting your e-book or products within the ezine should be done in a not-so-obvious manner.

Once you have thought of what to put in your newsletter, it is now time to gather subscribers for your ezine. One way to get a subscriber is to include a page in your website where people can subscribe. Having a small pop-under box where people can place their email addresses to subscribe also works, no matter how terribly annoying it may be.

Have your newsletter listed on group subscription forms and on the inside pages of high traffic Web sites. Signing up for a free publisher account on sites such as Idea Marketers will also be beneficial because you can add your newsletter in their directory.

Other than newsletters or ezines, you also have to actively promote your e-book on your own website. A good way to have it seen on your site is to devote a single page, or even more, just for the e-book. Listing in together with all your other products will do no good.

Make it easy for your visitors to find information about your e-book anywhere on your site. Feature the e-book on all the pages, if possible, or add a navigation bar just for it. Featuring some good excerpts from the e-book will also arouse their curiosity and most likely lead them to get your e-book.

As the author of the book, include information about yourself as well. The more people know about you, the more they will build their trust on you. Having a picture also adds more credibility to your personality.

There are also a lot of e-book directories out there. Make sure that your e-book gets listed in every single e-book directory there is to gain more exposure. Joining forums that talk about the same topic as your e-book is also one way of actively promoting it. You can post threads or reply to other peopleís concerns that may be related to what your e-book is offering.

If you want to maximize exposure, apply one of the principles of viral marketing. Give your viral e-book for free to people who might find it useful and interesting. You just need to gather a list of potential customers then send the e-book to them for free. Just make sure that it will not appear like a spam message; else, it will just damage your e-book and may not reach its full potential that you would desire.

These are just a few examples of how you can promote your e-book. There are a lot more possibilities that you can explore. You just have to be imaginative and creative. But these methods can be sufficient enough for you to start promoting your viral e-book.

How to Make Sure Your Viral e-Book will be Read

One of the viral marketing’s principles is to give away something for free. This will definitely catch the attention of a huge number of people. Free items are always the best when trying to introduce something new in the market.

Most businesses and individuals who adopt this marketing strategy have found different ways of giving away information and other things for free. One of those methods is coming up with an e-book and sending it to potential customers.

There are a lot of e-books available for download over the internet. Almost all of these can be obtained for free. But even so, it is not assured that everyone will read it, much less get it. So how do you make your own e-book popular and be read by the most number of people possible?

Tips on Producing an Effective Viral e-Book

Your main goal in producing a viral e-book is to get your product or service known to a huge number of people or to get huge traffic to your website. But you donít have to do all the work on your own.

The way viral e-books work is to initially inform a sufficient number of your target market. Then these first-hand customers will send your e-book to their own set of friends and colleagues, so will these second-generation customers. The cycle goes on and on.

But the question is how will you make your first-generation customers send your viral e-book to other people? What should entice them into distributing it?

First of all, you have to make sure that your e-book is of good quality. It should look professional and not like a compilation of links all around the pages. It should not have the first impression of being an advertisement; else others will think of it as a form of spam messaging.

Your e-book should also contain valuable and interesting information about something that concerns the vast majority of your target population. It should be reader-friendly in such a way that the format is consistent and the words are not so technical. Remember, you do not have control as to who will get a hold of your e-book and read it.

Of course, itís not all about being interesting and informative. The most important thing that will make people distribute your e-book is when they know that they will also earn from it. It should be a mutual relationship. You should be getting something from it, as well as those who will help you pass it on to others.

This is what internet marketers usually call affiliations. Your first-generation customers are your first set of affiliates. They should be able to edit the links included in the e-book to add their affiliate ID or change the link to their affiliate URL. When the links are clicked, they will lead to your site but there is also credit given to the affiliate who sent the e-book.

With this, your site will get the traffic it needs; at the same time, your customers or affiliates also get something from it. That will give them the motivation to read through your e-book then distribute it to other people.

One thing to make sure though when you allow for rebranding or modifying the link is still maintaining some sort of control over it. As the author of the e-book, you have the control as to what should be changed or modified. Make sure that the modification is just the affiliate ID or affiliate URL and not a totally different link which you may not have control of.

Finally, you have to keep in touch with your customers. The key to having a huge client base and maintaining it is to have a good relationship with your customers. Following them up will not harm you. It is actually a good thing to do to make sure that they read your e-book and pass it on to others.

You may also want to provide a few add-ons to your e-book. Additional information, updates and related articles to the topic you discussed on your e-book will continue to encourage them to spread the word about your book.

So before going into the nitty-gritty details of writing the e-book itself, make sure that you have done these things, or at least gave a thought about them. Writing your e-book without defining your goal and coming up with a plan may be a waste of time and effort on your part since it may not be able to serve its purpose.

How to Make Your Readers Pass on Your Viral E-book

Producing a viral e-book can be the most important aspect to determine your businessí success. Most people consider it the number one internet marketing strategy at the present time. Most businesses, especially online, have adopted this technique and used it to their advantage.

A viral e-book is a book that can be downloaded over the internet and most of the time, free. This e-book is also one that can be freely given away by readers after they have finished reading it. It is termed viral because of the fact that people would be willing to give it away to others for the benefit of the author.

What would make readers give it away?

As a consumer, what makes you recommend a product or suggest a service to your friends or relatives? Or what makes you do otherwise?

When you buy a product or use the service of a certain shop or establishment and are happy with your experience as a customer, you are most likely to tell your friends and relatives about it. People have this instinct to share what made them happy and feel good for others to experience the same thing.

Likewise, if you are dissatisfied with something, you will also tell others about the bad experience to warn them. This attitude of consumers is well-known to marketers and uses it to their advantage. And this is basically how viral marketing and your viral e-book works.

If your e-book is something that is really interesting and contains information a person can benefit from, there is a high probability that the reader will pass it on to others who he thinks will be interested as well. It is similar to chain emails that contain jokes and funny stories that are continuously being passed around over the internet.

Another thing that will make your readers pass the e-book to others, and perhaps the most effective, is through affiliate links. If you make your reader be someone like a business affiliate, that would encourage him more to pass it on because he knows he will also benefit from it.

Let’s say you go into a membership shop and buys something. When you are already at the check-out counter, the saleslady tells you that if you bring in a friend next time who also becomes a member, you will receive $50 gift certificate. Wow! That will surely encourage you to invite someone to become a member, wouldnít it?

The same concept can be applied in your e-book to make it more ìviral.î You can give rights to the readers to include their affiliate IDs in your link. That would mean more sales to you because these people would register under you as an affiliate, at the same time make them earn with the affiliate commissions of your program.

However, there are things to be considered to make sure that you still have some control of those links that will be modified. There might be others who may place a totally different link which is not in any way related to your e-book. That will just ruin the process.

You should put clear instructions as to how these people can distribute your e-book with their affiliate links in it. There should also be an agreement in black and white to prevent some legal issues that may arise.

Also, make sure to control the number of links in your e-book. Something that looks like a compilation of tons of affiliate links will discourage readers from proceeding with your e-book. It is also best to place the links in such a way that is not too obvious to the eyes of the readers. Try to sneak them in a clean way within the statements of your e-book.

Always remember, when you are trying to produce your e-book, your main goal is for it to reach the most number of potential customers in a short time and with a little effort on your part. So make use of your readers to help you achieve this goal. Utilize them wisely and give fair rewards to better entice them into passing your e-book on to others. Anyways, this is one of the principles of viral marketing.

How Can You Generate Sales With Your Viral e-Book?

Viral marketing is an effective way of promoting your products and services. It can extend its reach to thousands, even millions, of people who might be interested in your offer. This also entails huge cost savings as it does not require all your time and money to do what it has to do.

One way of applying this viral marketing technique is by producing a viral e-book. After you have come up with the topic you want your e-book to talk about and have chosen an attractive title, it is now time to think about the content of your e-book.

What are the things that you need to write on your e-book for you to achieve your goal? Remember, your aim is for your products to gain popularity and increase sales in the shortest time possible.

Different Ways to Generate Sales

There are several things that you can do for your viral e-book to generate sales for you.

Having affiliate links on your viral e-book will help you reach your goal of reaching as many people as possible. Yes, you can offer to rebrand or customize the affiliate links for free. However, you also have an option to charge a very minimal fee for customization rights.

If your rewards offering or commission for the affiliates are really desirable, these people would not mind paying a small amount in exchange for the huge incentives they will get if they become an affiliate. That is already one way for you to earn income just by releasing your e-book.

Writing a viral e-book about a topic that you know very well will help you gain respect from the readers. Once they realize that you are like an expert in your own field, they will build trust on you. If this happens, they are more likely to buy your products and services without any hesitations.

Of course, having your own product or service is the best way to generate more sales thru your e-book. The links that you add to your e-book should lead the readers to your own site where they can find more information about your products and services.

Leaving something to the readerís curiosity is a good way to generate more income. Let us say you have an e-book that contains 101 ways of making money over the internet. This is the product you are selling for a fee. You can make your viral e-book discuss a few, like 10, of those tips that they can find in the full version, then neatly interject the link where they can find the full version and purchase it for a minimal fee.

Same goes when you are selling tangible products. You can make your viral e-book talk about the features and benefits of such products to entice the readers to buy. You may also want to include testimonials from other people who have purchased the product. Then include the link to your site where they can purchase the item.

Keeping in touch with your customers is also a plus. It doesnít mean that once a customer already purchased your product that you have to stop from there. After-sales service adds more value to your product and credibility to you. Once these customers realize that you give them importance by constantly keeping in touch with them, they are more likely to buy again once you have new products to offer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

For you to generate more sales, some precautionary measures need to be taken when writing your viral e-book.

Since you will be allowing rebranding or customization of the affiliate links included in your e-book, make sure that the links to be modified are still valid and still points to your site. There are some e-book compilers that allow you to do this for your protection. So better to scout for these softwares and use them in creating your viral e-book.

When you are promoting your product on your e-book, avoid including time-specific discounts and freebies. Remember, you do not have control as to whom and when your e-book will be passed on to. It may reach a person a year after the discount offer has passed. That will just make that potential customer mad and it will be a loss for you.

When producing a viral e-book with your links in there, make sure that your links would open in a new window instead of using the same browser. With that, you can make sure that the reader still goes on reading your e-book, at the same time, browsing the site where the link was pointed to.

These are just some suggestions on how to make your e-book really do its job for you. There are other ways that you can try. Always be creative and success will follow!