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    Starting a Viral e-Book? Choose a Good Topic First!

    Viral marketing is the most popular type of marketing strategy in the online industry at the moment. Why is it so? Because it can give a huge number of potential customers in just a short period of time with very minimal cost. Of course, if there are a large number of potential clients, the turnover percentage will also be bigger. Viral marketing can be done in many ways. There are newsletters sent through email, websites, invitational emails and much more. One effective way to do viral marketing using an e-book, or the so-called viral e-book.

    What is a viral e-book?

    E-books, or electronic books, are the online or electronic version of books, newsletters, publications, manual, etc. E-books are downloadable files from the internet and can be installed on one’s computer. Some of the popular books, like Harry Potter, actually have an e-book version. Some of these are free; some are available for a minimal cost.

    The concept of e-books has been adopted by marketing people because of the ease of distribution to a huge number of people over the internet. They incorporated advertising and marketing strategies with e-books to boost revenue, at the same time giving useful information to other people.

    That is how the term viral e-book came about. A viral e-book is, basically, an e-book that is passed on to other persons which bring several benefits, mainly profits, for each individual. These e-books are free, most of the time, to encourage more people to get them and pass them on to others.

    Viral e-books contain useful information about something related to what the marketer is promoting. And since it is a marketing tool, these viral e-books contain links that lead to the marketerís web site. Thus, if a person reading the e-book becomes interested and clicks on the link, that will already be a potential sale to the one who originally sent the e-book.

    If you are planning to start making such an e-book to promote your products or services, you should consider several things before jumping on to it. The very first thing that you have to think about is the topic.

    How to choose a topic to do viral marketing using e-book?

    An e-book can talk about anything. But, of course, if you are planning to make profit from it, your e-book should talk about something interesting. It should deal with things that most people are concerned about. People want things where they can benefit from in whichever way it may be.

    The first thing to consider when thinking about the topic for your e-book is your main goal. You have to define your purpose of writing the e-book. If your goal is to increase sales of your product or service, then your topic should be something related to those things.

    You, as the maker of the e-book, should also be interested in the topic you choose; else, it will feel like a burden doing something that you do not really like. Also, it will be easier for you to write things about a topic that interests you so you can express yourself better.

    To better help you in selecting a topic, you must set an ample amount of time thinking about it. Go to a place where you can concentrate. Try to think of the things that interest you, things that you are comfortable with. Then list down all those things that come to your mind, even the crazy ones.

    Once youíve listed them, select those that can be related to your product or service if you are promoting these things. If not, select the topic that you think will be most profitable. Also, make sure that you can have a lot of resources for the topic you choose. More resources would mean more information to put in your e-book, and the more interesting it will be to read.

    Having a good topic is the best way to start your viral e-book. A topic that interests you, as the author of the e-book, will make the journey of creating it be enjoyable and fun. Other than that, more valuable and quality information will be incorporated since you know the topic well.

    So start brainstorming now with yourself. Choose the best topic that you can think of. And make that vision of increased profit turn into reality with your own viral e-book.

    How to Tempt Customers to Read Your e-Book Just By Its Title

    So you have already decided on the topic that you think many people would be interested in. You already formulated an outline of the things that you need to put in your e-book to make it more interesting to read. But how do you make these people actually get your e-book and read it?

    When people try to find books to read, the first thing they look at is the title. In fact, this is applicable to any product, not only to books. The title or the label is always the first thing seen by consumers.

    Most of the time these people buy the product based on its title or label. Some take time to scan the contents and other things they can find out about the product. But, still, the major factor that affects the decision to purchase the item is the title or label.

    Try to test yourself. Let us say you are trying to look for ways to generate income over the internet. Then you came across a couple of e-books that talk about that same topic that you want to learn about, but with different titles.

    The title of the first e-book is “Different Ways to Generate Money Over the Internet”.

    The second one is called “How Did I Make $30,000 In Just One Month of Using the Internet?”

    With those titles given, which one do you think would you choose and read first? Both of them will definitely give you the information you need but the e-book that is more tempting to read is the second one, isnít it?

    From the title of the first e-book, it promises to show you the different ways to earn money over the internet. It may give you the techniques, the programs or job offers over the internet that would give you sufficient income. And, yes, you can definitely learn from it and try those ways that the book suggests.

    However, the second e-book seems more appealing and definitely grabs your attention. It is because the title implies that the person who wrote the book indeed earned a huge sum of money over the internet and is willing to share it to other people. This e-book seems more credible as the techniques or programs that the book may suggest are tried and tested.

    The second title, indeed, is catchier than the first as it promises to give you what you want and what you are looking for. At the end of the day, what you really want is something that will show you a tested way on earning a big sum of money, not just tell you the different things that you can try but there is no guarantee.

    Both titles may be used on a single e-book but using the second one will be more successful than the first. People are most likely to buy something that would be beneficial to them. People buy benefits, not just features.

    To succeed in marketing, you must keep that principle in mind: that people buy benefits. So every time you think of a title to your e-book, sales letter or advertisement, always consider that fact.

    The title you choose should:

    • catch the attention of your potential customers
    • clearly show what your e-book offers and what it is about
    •  arouse curiosity and interest of potential customers
    • most of all, promise benefits to these customers

    To be able to do that, try to place yourself in your potential customerís shoe. What do you think would tempt you in a title? Check out other e-books that cover the same topic, if there are, and pick one that you think has the best title. Then analyze why you think it is the best among others. You can also ask a friend who may be interested in the subject you are going to write what title would interest him.

    Another tip is to keep your title as short as possible. Short titles, but straight to the point, are the best. Adding a sub-title will also help in providing much more benefits to your potential customers.

    Always remember that the title of your e-book is critical to its success. An e-book with a title that catches the attention and promises benefits to your potential customers will prove to be easier to sell and distribute than those with just a simple, descriptive title.

    So start thinking of the title that will promote the most benefits to your target market. Again, people donít just buy features, they buy benefits!

    How to Write Your e-Book’s Content?

    When producing a viral e-book, you have to consider a lot of things before going into the nitty-gritty details of writing it. Your viral e-book is your key to succeed in the online market. It should help you increase your site traffic, client base, and sales, of course; else, it defeats the purpose of having a viral e-book.

    The first thing that you have to plan is what your viral e-book should be about. The topic should be interesting and it must be related to the product or service you are promoting. Once this is done, the next step is choosing a good title for your e-book.

    People look at the title or the label of a product first before anything else. Thus, the title that you decide for your viral e-book should grab the attention of as many people as possible.

    Once you have accomplished these things, it is now time to think about what to write on your e-book. What should it contain for it to be really interesting to the readers?

    What to Include in Your e-Book

    When you are in the process of choosing the topic for your e-book, you should also have considered the amount of information you can write about that topic. So it is better to choose one that you are very knowledgeable of, something that you know by heart, especially if you will be the one writing.

    The content of your viral e-book is like its heart; without the content, your e-book will not survive. And even if it does have content but not that informative and useful to anybody, it will eventually fade out since there will be fewer people who would want to pass it on.

    If you are writing your e-book yourself, it is best to write about something that you really know very well. When you write the contents yourself, it will add to the credibility of the information included and will have a personal touch. You will be able to control the information included since you know what you want to be included and not.

    If you think that you cannot do it yourself because you are busy with other things or just do not know how to write effectively, you can always hire a ghostwriter. Ghostwrites are those who write articles and other materials on behalf of another person. The reason for such a name is because the identity of the real writer remains anonymous.

    Hiring a ghostwriter is beneficial since most of these people do have a wide experience in writing things about different topics. With this, you can focus on more important things while being assured that your e-book will have its quality content because another person is doing it for you.

    Before choosing the right writer for you, you can ask them for their portfolio or any sample work. This way, you will have an idea about how they write and if it would fit your requirements.

    Also, make sure that the writer clearly understands the topics to be written. If you have certain instructions that should be followed, make sure it is clear and well understood by the writer. Having a bad relationship with the writer that you chose will only ruin your viral e-book’s success.

    Your viral e-book should be interesting and informative at the same time. Depending on the topic, you can add research studies, current statistics, interviews with professionals or expert on that field, results of surveys you may have conducted, and a lot more. With these things, your e-book will not look boring and monotonous to the readers.

    Writing the contents of your e-book can be the most enjoyable part of producing this viral marketing technique. This is where you can show your creativity and imagination. Even if you are not the one writing the contents and articles, you still have some control over the write-ups by providing the instructions on what you want to include in the article and not.

    You indeed have several options on how to add contents to your e-book. Whatever option you choose, you should make sure that the content of your e-book will serve its purpose. It should be able to make you reach your goal of producing the e-book.

    Your Viral e-Book, Should It Be EXE or PDF?

    The main purpose of creating a viral e-book is to pass it on to as many people as possible with only minimal effort on the authorís part. To be able to pass it on to others, it should be in the form that can easily be accessed and opened by other people.

    After you have accomplished authoring your viral e-book, the next thing you have to do before it actually gets to the hands of other people is to compile it. There are two ways that you can do it, either to compile it as an exe file or as a pdf file.

    EXE, which means executable, is the file extension for files created by e-book compilers. PDF, or portable document format, is the extension of files created with Adobe Acrobat. In the World Wide Web, PDF e-books are considered to be the industry standard.

    Advantages of PDF over EXE files

    1. If you choose to compile your viral e-book using Adobe Acrobat, you do not have to create an HTML web page for every page of your e-book. A simple MS Word document will do.

    2. When you compile using Acrobat, the PDF file automatically numbers each of the pages. EXE compilers do not have that function.

    3. PDF files are relatively easy to edit. New pages can be added; you can also delete or replace pages. Page numbers will automatically adjust itself once you modify the pages. EXE files are actually fixed once compiled and cannot be edited. You have to compile a new one to be able to change your e-book.

    4. You can print PDF files a lot easier than EXE files.

    5. PDF files have a bookmark tab on the left side of the page. Using this feature makes navigating around the file much easier than in an EXE file.

    6. When PDF files are compressed, the file sizes are significantly smaller than EXE files because PDF converters compress better.

    7. PDF files are not at all susceptible to viruses since they are just simple files, unlike EXE files which are like programs or applications. EXE files are more prone to carrying and transmitting the virus and end up being corrupted.

    8. Last but not the least, PDF files are universal. As long as the computer has an installed Acrobat Reader, PDF files can be opened and viewed, whether the computer is a PC or a Mac. EXE files are not read on a Mac computer.

    Since your main goal is to expand your target market, considering this fact would not harm. According to Nielsen Netratings, over 8% of the US online population use Mac. It may not be a huge number but can still be significant in the increase of your potential customers.

    Advantages of EXE files over PDF files

    On the other hand, EXE files also have their own set of advantages over PDF files.

    1. e-Book compilers, the software that creates the EXE files, are just a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat. Though there are a number of PDF creators recently released that are also cheap, e-book compilers still have the advantage in terms of price.

    2. The most important advantage of EXE files over PDF files is its ability to allow rebranding of the e-book. Some of the e-book compilers such as e-Book Generator, e-Book Edit, and e-Book Paper have built-in rebranding function.

    If a viral e-book is your tool for doing viral marketing, granting rebranding rights is the key to your success. Allowing rebranding of your e-book will guarantee increased promotion and distribution because people can modify the book with their affiliate codes to earn incentives.

    If you want increased exposure by having more people able to view and read your e-book, then go with PDF files. Not only that it is readable with a PC or a Mac, but it also has a relatively small file size compared to EXE files.

    But if your main concern is giving out free customization and rebranding rights to your e-book for wider distribution, then you must better go with e-book compilers to produce an EXE file.

    Given the different advantages of one type over the other, it is really up to you, the author, to choose which one you think will work best for you. Both types have their own good sets of advantages. It is just a matter of determining your priorities for your e-book and basing your decision on those priorities.

    How To Write A Convincing Sales Letter For Your e-Book

    Have you ever been in a situation when you are so convinced in an ad that you are already convinced to buy after just a few minutes of reading it? That ad must be so effective to have persuaded you immediately in buying the product. Donít you want to have that same convincing power for your e-book?

    Having a killer sales letter is a plus in promoting your e-book. But how do you do it especially if you do not have the writing skills required?

    Steps in Writing a Sales Letter

    1. Before starting to write anything on your sales letter, you must first determine your target audience. Who do you think are the people who will be interested in your e-book? Let us admit that not every person in the world would be interested in your product.

    Knowing your target market will make your letter more effective. Also, you will be able to write your letter as if it is talking directly to your prospects, thus, gaining you more profit.

    2. You have to know what sets your product apart from its competitor. Determine the edge and the advantages of your product from others. Make this your selling point.

    If you can tell your potential customers that your e-book offers several desirable benefits that others do not have then there is a huge possibility of you making that sale.

    3. You should make your potential customers believe you. It might be difficult to it because of the many scams and false information in advertisements right now. You should tell them every single reason why they should believe you.

    Adding more data and statistics to back up your statements will add to the credibility of your letter. Prove to them that what you are saying is true from the beginning.

    4. Provide your potential customers all the benefits your e-book has to offer. Even the not-so-obvious benefits should be included.

    After you have identified your target market, the next things that you should determine are the issues and concerns your target audience may be having. Make a list of these problems and determine the benefits of your product that will solve each of these problems.

    Problems are always there, it is the solution to the problem that is lacking. So if you can show them that you have the right solution to their problems, then you will be in for huge sales. Having a long list of benefits that your product offers gets you a better chance of turning these readers into buying customers.

    5. Write your sales letter in the way you would want it as a reader. Once you think that you are almost done with it, read it from the viewpoint of a potential customer. Ask yourself if you would say yes to the offer.

    As much as possible, try to find a loophole or something in your letter where your potential customer would probably say no. If you find one, then you may want to consider revising your letter in such a way that it would address that objection. By answering all possible objections by customers, you will definitely have a killer sales letter. Needless to say, it will also bring a huge profit.

    6. The last thing that you have to consider is getting your potential customers to take action as soon as possible. Give them the reason why they should buy from you now. If you miss this step, you may have just missed a sale altogether.

    Provide a realistic reason for them to act immediately. Offering special discounts or bonuses for a limited time period is one way to make them buy your product now. Telling them that your product is limited and would not be offered anywhere else once sold may get them to make the decision now. You may come up with other strategies but just make sure that your sense of urgency should still sound realistic.

    These steps are just the basic ones to get you started writing your sales letter. It may not be perfect at first but it is alright. Learning to write a very good ad or sales letter may take some time. But starting now with the basics may be your first step on becoming a professional sales writer.

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